The Company


Olicar represents a leading company in terms of innovation in the energy industry and integrated technological services, thanks to its knowledge of the most advanced solutions and thanks to an efficient and transparent management culture.

Olicar’s goal is to act more and more as a developer for projects within the energy market, integrating its specialist offer for designing, running and managing plants with that of the mains energy distributors.

Olicar’s Figures

  • More than 2,500 plants managed in the public and private sector
  • More than 480 employees
  • 15 operational offices located throughout Italy
  • 4 main offices (Milan, Bra, Ferrara and Rome)
  • More than 133 euro in revenue in 2013

2013 revenue by region


Shareholding Structure

The current shareholding structure of Olicar is composed as follows:

  • 58.3% is held by BlueGem Capital Partners LLP,
  • 41.4% owned by the Bertello Family, of which:
    • the 24.6% by Trepiù S.r.l.
    • the 16.8% by Corrado Bertello
  • 0.3% by other shareholders.
BlueGem Capital Partners LLP 58.3%
Other shareholders 0.3%
Trepiù S.r.l. 24.6%
C. Bertello 16.8%

Corporate Governance

The awareness of the importance played by the corporate governance in achieving Olicar creating value objective require a permanent process of corporate governance system alignment with the continuously evolving legal framework and best practices.

Olicar’s Corporate Governance system is based on the following foundations:

  • Pivotal role of the Board of Directors as the maximum body entrusted with managing the Company
  • Disclosure practices for choices and formation processes of company decisions
  • Effective internal control system.

Olicar S.p.A.’s Board of Directors has adopted a Code of Ethics and Organisational, Management and Control Model (the “Model”) in compliance with the requirements of Italian Legislative Decree no. 231 of 8 June 2001 concerning the administrative responsibility of companies.

The Model has been adopted with the objective of creating a suitable awareness instrument for Company employees, and all other subjects involved in relations with the Company, so that they maintain correct conduct in performing their activities, in order to prevent the risk of committing the offences cited in the Decree.

A Supervisory Body, as required by the Decree, has been appointed to constantly monitor the effective implementation of the Model, compliance with the same by the recipients, as well as proposing it updating in order to improve its effectiveness in preventing crimes and offences. Any violations or suspected violations of the Model and/or Code of Ethics can be reported to the Supervisory Body through a specific email address:

Financial Results

In 2013 Olicar S.p.A. reported Consolidated Revenue for 134 million euro (up 7.7% compared to 2012), Operating EBITDA for 19.5 million euro ( 14.6% of revenue), and an Operating Income of 7.37 million euro.

The order portfolio counted around 800 million euro in 2013.

Energy Service 57%
Full Service 39%
Maintenance Services 1%
Job Orders 3%

2013 Portfolio
Breakdown by service type

Public 70%
Private 30%

2013 Portfolio
Breakdown by customer type

Top 5 39%
Top 10 15%
Other Customers 46%

2013 Portfolio
Top 5 customers

2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
45 65 75 95 110 124.4 133.7

Revenue (€ million)