Energy Service

Olicar guarantees its customers the best advantage from effective management of energy transformation processes.

Energy Diagnosis

Olicar provides customers with the expertise of its technical staff which is able to gain in-depth understanding of the real energy behaviour of building-systems being examined, with the aim of identifying the best solutions for obtaining:

  • maximum energy effectiveness;
  • reduction of procurement costs for energy sources;
  • greater overall environmental sustainability.

Energy service and energy service PLUS contracts

Olicar is authorised to provide energy service and energy service PLUS, in compliance with Italian Legislative Decree 115/2008, which includes the following activities:

  • energy certification and/or energy diagnosis;
  • annual service cost based on results with Customer energy needs guaranteed and Olicar taking care of the full procurement process for any kind of energy resource (natural gas, oil, electric power);
  • measurement of energy consumption and checks of obtained results in terms of savings;
  • periodic statements and invoicing to customers;
  • compliance with the Italian law preventive verification and control, fulfilment of the gaps;
  • plants and equipment management and maintenance, undertaking legal responsibility;
  • reduction of primary energy incidence by at least 10% (under the PLUS contract) in the first year of management or 5% (again under the PLUS contract) for renewals or contracts stipulated after the first year).

Olicar, through its energy service PLUS contract, achieves the energy saving objectives identified in the National action plan for Energy Efficiency.

Integrated Energy Efficiency

Olicar is able to provide solutions, products and services in line with all of the regulations required by Italian laws as incentive for improving energy efficiency.

We offer a wide range of solutions, as:

  • Interventions to reach the Energy Performance Minimum Standards (SMPE) as in case of heating equipments replacement in residential buildings (Italian Legislative Decree 192/05);
  • Upgrade equipments of existing buildings (which can benefit of a 65% tax deduction);
  • Interventions to accomplish Energy Efficiency certificates.

Olicar already realized with success many projects to obtain energy efficiency, with solutions that have been proposed both individually or in combinations:

  • Cogeneration and tri-generation plant;
  • Heating systems with heat pumps;
  • District heating plants;
  • Individual energy accounting systems;
  • Air conditioning and special system monitoring and control systems;
  • Photovoltaic and solar panel installation;
  • Wood-based biomass systems;
  • Interventions on lighting systems with high efficiency LED solutions.

Heating and Cooling Support Scheme

Olicar also manages, for both public and private customers, energy performance contracts, with consequent incentives through the Heating and Cooling Support Scheme. These energy efficiency interventions regard the building-system and, specifically:

  • Thermal insulation of buildings (walls and doors/windows);
  • Installation of shielding and shading;
  • Installation of electric and gas heat pumps;
  • Installation of biomass boilers;
  • Installation of solar heat and solar cooling collectors.

Smart Metering Systems

Olicar first installations of single and multi-user measurement systems date 2002.

The installation of individual metering systems will be mandatory starting on 31/12/2016.

With more than 100,000 meters installed, Olicar can guarantee transparent rules for calculating and billing individual consumption.

Energy System Operation and Maintenance

Olicar provides ordinary and extraordinary maintenance services for systems present in all different types of buildings. The Company has in-house experts for performing and coordinating maintenance work on various categories of systems: energy, heating and cooling, electrical, fire fighting, lifts, lighting and safety.

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